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Don’t take it from us! Here are images and messages from folks just like you, that told us about their experience!

I’m writing you to share with you my appreciation and thank for all the experiences I’ve had on your farm over the past 26 years.  As you know, my absolute favorite thing to do on the farm is observe and pursue wildlife.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing large herds of deer and antelope.  I’ve seen large flocks of various ducks and geese using the farm as well.  On good years, I’ve witnessed large flocks of grouse and the occasional partridge.   In the Spring there are times I can hear turkeys gobble in the distance.  All of these wildlife encounters wouldn’t be possible without your farm.

            The year there are row crops or grain in the ground are years the wildlife is more abundant as the crop provides great food source and at times good shelter.  Couple this with less intrusive methods, keeping the farm away from high human traffic creates great sanctuary for further wildlife habitat to abound. 

            I’ve enjoyed helping around the farm as well when time permits.  Helping fix fence, move trees, move cattle, and keeping an eye out for trespassing.  I strongly believe in physical labor provides a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  By providing this help for the farm, it also reciprocates and helps me too!  I also learn things I wouldn’t otherwise know how to do, so it’s a win-win scenario! 

You have a unique farm being so close to town, but yet still in the country.  This presents unique situations that allow for local people to enjoy the farm without having to travel great distances.  Some examples of this are the Youth doe deer hunters I’ve guided.  One youth in particular has no father, and his mother has severe illness that doesn’t allow this young boy to get far from home for long periods of time.  So he has been able to come out for a successful quick deer hunt each year.  This is attributed to the farm practices and wildlife management practices that you’ve put in place. 

Suffice it to say, your farm has provided me and my family great recreation and relaxation opportunities in multiple ways over the years.”

– Josh H.


“Visits to the farm are some of my most treasured childhood memories. I still almost re-live my experience when I think about the smell of the farm, the love of the farmers, riding in the tractor, cleaning the barn, feeding and miling the cows, bottle feeding calves, jumpin on the hay bales, and climbing the trees. It’s an experience that every kid and adult should have a chance to encounter.”

– Brianne E.


“Some people say there is no place like home. – You can’t get much closer than this. With beautiful views and lasting memories, this is a wonderful gem.”

– Melissa



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